a2Chew on that: JFF’s Todd Schoenberger just plucked a 13.87% gain in two days from Play 1…

Where were you when it went off?

Baltimore, Md., 1/5/2017: On January 3, 2017, we marked the official launch of The Jones Falls Blended Investment Model ∂-Portfolio.

It’s quite a mouthful. Honestly, we couldn’t think of a shorter, snappier name for it.

(We called it  ∂ [“delta” to you non-Hellenes!] because we’re wayyy past beta-testing!)

The ∂-Portfolio is our first open-participation test of the underlying investment strategy. For this test, Jones Falls readers are invited to invest right alongside the portfolio strategist, who executes real-time trades in a Fidelity trading account. Any gains or losses in that portfolio will constitute the ∂-Portfolio’s track record.

In other words, “The ∂” is a work in progress. And you’re the guinea pigs! It’s our very public rubber-hits-the road test, stuff that our former colleagues in the biz prefer to do via “back-testing algorithms” (which most often than not turns out to be an editorial gopher fresh out of college).

Today, Thursday, January 5, 2017,  ∂-director and alpha male Todd Schoenberger closed out Play 1 of the portfolio, with a sell reco for PROSHARES ULTRA GOLD MINERS (GDXX) netting just south of 14% gains in not quite 2 days.

(Believe me, it’s hard to suppress the old financial newsletter marketing schlock instincts: 14% x (365/2) = 2,555% ANNUALIZED PROFITS!!! Whoa, Nelly!)

Here’s a quick and handy…

Summary Play 1

1/3/2017 Trade #2017-0001BUY: PROSHARES ULTRA GOLD MINERS (GDXX).

(Order filled after posting the trade to the site. Executed at $39.38, closed at $39.78).

1/4/2017 Trade # 2017-0002HOLD: PROSHARES ULTRA GOLD MINERS (GDXX).

1/5/2017 Trade # 2017-0003SELL: PROSHARES ULTRA GOLD MINERS (GDXX)

(Order filled after posting the trade to the site. Executed at $44.84.)

Play One: 13.87% in two days.

And this is how it looked on the chart.

You could have done better. But not a whole lot worse!

The  ∂ can be traded with and through any online brokerage firm, in any kind of stock portfolio (retirement and non-retirement accounts). But we do suggest only those with a basic understanding of risk management consider it for their investment needs. (We’re all grown-ups here, can live without safe spaces, and have been around the trading block more times than we care to remember—but we gotta say it!)

This model only trades Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and takes long and short positions in Oil and Gas, Precious Metals, and Real Estate.

Each trade is derived from signals based upon the historical quantitative relationships between the Advance/Decline line of the respective model index versus the Advance/Decline line of the S&P 500. However, discretionary overlay exercises ‘veto power’ over the signal. It’s simple, and remarkably easy to follow.

Here’s how it works: Every day, an email will be sent to your inbox with the trade for The Jones Falls Blended Investment Model. The email will tell you exactly what to buy, sell, or hold. Even if a trade is not necessary for a specific day (i.e., hold), an email will still be distributed explaining no trading action is needed.

If you wish to be added to the email distribution list, simply send an email to JonesFallsFinancial@gmail.com with the word ‘SUBSCRIBE’ in the subject line.