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Fulfilling a need for Women to go after what they want

By: Todd M. Schoenberger, @TMSchoenberger

Americans love a success story, especially a turnaround tale about a person or group falling on hard times after some remarkable error only to return to greatness.

The widely-used and often criticized website,, has rebranded and renamed itself as ruby.  The company describes itself as ‘the open-minded relationship company that owns boundary-pushing’.  And for those not in the know (or refuse to admit how they do know), Ashley Madison was best known as the place to go for those in committed (i.e., marriage) relationships seeking an affair.

As the company’s famously tagged slogan stated: Life is Short. Have an Affair.

todd-m-schoenberger-cougar-life-adIn an ironic twist, just as a discovered affair can lead to a disastrous end to any relationship, Ashley Madison crumbled when the personal information of its members had been released following a data breach hack.  The resulting impact was felt worldwide as countless amounts of marriages immediately failed, thus leading the company to quickly reset its corporate brand and mission statement.

Marriage proponents and religious groups, including the hypocritical stallions preaching the infamous line of “do as I say, not as I do,” were cheering the end of such a destructive force for those working on a death do us part relationship.  In reality, though, the infidelity portal may have been available, but in the end, a proactive human is the one responsible for cheating.  Blaming a website for wrongdoing is the equivalent of blaming McDonald’s for obese kids.

Fortunately for companies like ruby, sex always sells.  And, as a result, it enables a fractured organization like to rebrand itself while providing a purpose to exist.

And now we welcome to the stage, the always intriguing Cougar.

What’s a Cougar, you ask?  Well, according to, it’s when an older woman frequents clubs to score with a much younger man.  Realizing the market potential for matching these so-called Cougars with potential mates (i.e., Cubs), plus in need of an extensive rebrand, ruby has decided to relaunch

“Cougar Life strives to be the premiere online dating destination for confident, optimistic women who are looking to spark connections with younger men,” said ruby CEO Rob Segal, per a company statement.  Segal added that Cougar Life has already attracted close to seven million members worldwide.

Whether you believe in the company or possess a high moral compass, one thing we can all agree on is websites like are cash cows.  According to a ruby spokesperson, is free for women, and free for men to sign-up and browse.  But if a man wishes to connect, they must become a paid member.

Memberships to Cougar Life vary for men, depending on the package selected, which start at $36 a month.  Or, for the Cub interested in a discount, annual memberships are available for $15 a month—with a 12-month, ahem, commitment.  You don’t need to be a math genius to calculate how the majority of members are likely to be male-paying participants.

todd-m-schoenberger-cougar-lifeAll successful initiatives are usually backed up with statistics, and Cougar Life has provided us with some juicy data.  According to a company statement, North America’s top Cougar dating city on Cougar Life is—no surprise considering how female Manhattanites ooze promiscuity—is New York City, with an average Cougar couple span of seven years.  The average age of NYC-based Cougar Life Cubs (male members) is 29 and the average Cougars’ is 36 years old.

Toronto, Canada boasts the second most Cougars on the site, with an average nine-year span between Cubs and Cougars.  And, Houston, Texas is the third most active Cougar Life dating city.  Rounding out the top 10 are: Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Phoenix.

“The repositioning of Cougar Life is an important milestone in the overall transformation of ruby in a multi-faceted innovator that truly reflects many kinds of modern relationships and a new openness about sexuality and connection,” says Segal.

Cougar Life’s guerrilla marketing campaign includes a television ad spot, which is set to begin rolling next week.  To preview the ad, simply click here.

Have fun, ladies!

Todd M. Schoenberger is a Director for Jones Falls Financial Publishing.  He is not a member of, but does know a few of its very happy members.


Commodities Report – January 26, 2017

01/27/17 Crude oil and Brent prices advanced on Thursday. Precious metals are in negative territory with gold holding below $1,200 oz.

Reported by Remy Blaire, with Modern Wall Street.

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Dow Jones at 20,000! Here’s why #Dow20K happened

01/25/17 It’s official, the Dow Jones has hitthe 20,000 milestone! After several weeks of teasing the historic figure, all it took was a series of executive orders from President Donald Trump to send the Big Board soaring. Watch and learn even more behind the Dow’s historic surge today!

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Jones Falls Financial in the News!

todd-m-schoenberger-usa-todayWe’re back!

Dow 20,000 has brought on a tsunami of news stories, so what better way to receive an expert opinion than to contact Jones Falls Financial Publishing.  Our Director, seasoned-media extraordinaire, Todd M. Schoenberger, was quoted on his thoughts in USA Today.

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Quote of the Day! (Dow 20,000 Edition)

A flag flutters in the wind outside the New York Stock Exchange
“Dow 20,000 is significant and a remarkable achievement, but it’s even more promising for American capitalism.  Considering where Wall Street has been this century, to achieve such a remarkable milestone proves free markets always persevere and thrive.  Everyone will ask where we go from here, but that question has always been asked after reaching prior round number levels.  And the Dow has never disappointed in giving us a promising and optimistic answer.”
– Todd M. Schoenberger, Director, Jones Falls Financial Publishing

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Modern Day Choices: Smoking Pot or Drinking Wine

By: Todd M. Schoenberger, @TMSchoenberger, @JonesFallsPub

The U.S. wine industry is smokin’.  Sales are projected to rise as much as 6 percent this year, compared to a five-year annual average of 4 percent.  And the harvest in California, which is the nation’s largest wine-producing state, is expected to climb 7 percent to a record 4 million tons crushed.

todd-schoenberger-wine-and-womenWine distribution is even hotter.  In 2016, nearly 4 percent of all U.S. wine sales were sold by and delivered from wine producers direct to consumers (DtC), totaling $2.33 billion.  The DtC channel is still a fraction of the overall annual total of $60 billion in wine sales, but it does represent an 18.5 percent increase over 2015 data.

So what can keep a cork on this great news?

Marijuana.  And it’s giving the wine industry a serious headache.

As of today, eight states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and more than a dozen additional states have approved cannabis for medical use.  All in, Americans and Canadians have spent an estimated $53.3 billion on marijuana annually, according to ArcView Market Research.

ArcView reports illegal purchases of pot represented 87 percent of all sales last year, down from 90 percent in 2015.  However, sales on the legal market increased by 34 percent, and the forecast is projecting legalization will grow this segment to $21.6 billion by 2021.

todd-schoenberger-and-cheryl-shumanThis hypergrowth in the marijuana industry is already making a dent in the domestic beer market.  Marquee names like Budweiser and Coors have cited pressure on revenues from the pot community and the feeling from Wall Street analysts is the wine industry is just as vulnerable.

Higher priced wines—those in the $12-$25 bottle category—are not expected to be impacted by the growth of marijuana sales.  But for the $9 and under market, trouble is budding up, which explains why companies such as low-cost distributor Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ) have seen weaker performance in its stock.  For the rolling six-month period, Constellation Brands has given up nearly 9 percent of its value, while the S&P 500 is up almost 5 percent.

Meanwhile, pink sheet ganja darlings like Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS: CBIS) have popped nearly 500 percent in the prior six-month trading period.  Wine is fine, but pot is hot.

Disclosure: The author does not own wine stocks or marijuana stocks.  In addition, the author does not smoke marijuana and has never smoked marijuana, but does enjoy wine.


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