Ian L. Cooper

is a short- and long-term momentum trader who exploits the very fear and greed that drives herd mentality with a unique combination of technical, fundamental and news
analysis in all markets.cooper-copy

He lives by Charles Mackay’s observation that “[m]en, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

With more than 20 years of financial experience under his belt and a background in public relations and marketing, Ian has been showing beginners and advanced students new and better ways to understand what drives herd mentality as it applies to the markets.

Todd M. Schoenberger

untitledis the former Managing Partner of LandColt Capital LP. Prior to establishing the firm in 2013, he served as the Executive Director of brokerage for USAA Brokerage in San Antonio, TX, a position for which he was credited with having returned the division to profitability.

When Todd started with USAA in 2006, the division was considered a “loss leader” with $20 million in annual losses. By the time he left the company in 2009, his efforts not only reversed the deficits, but generated a pre-tax profit of $8.1 million which elevated the company’s brokerage products within the financial services sector; ranked #1 by Consumer Reports.

Prior to his tenure with USAA, Todd was the architect of ‘The Genesis No-Load Variable Annuity,’ a viable investment vehicle distributed to individual investors and financial professionals.

Todd learned about the benefits of trading no-load financial products over a decade ago when he helped to create AnnuityNetAdvisor.com in 2000, an online variable annuity provider specializing in low-cost, risk-averse insurance products for institutional and accredited investors. By incorporating the lessons learned at AnnuityNet, Todd was able to launch the Genesis product in 2004 whereby he sold the royalty rights in 2006 prior to joining USAA in San Antonio.

Todd’s skills within modern portfolio theory and no-load trading mechanics began in 1999 when he joined Rydex Funds, a noted leader within the institutional mutual fund space. At Rydex, Todd was responsible for training financial professionals the intricacies of utilizing leveraged mutual funds inside sophisticated market-timing strategies, whereby he perfected the fundamental blueprint from which LandColt Capital evolved.

Prior to Rydex in 1997, Todd was an institutional trader with Legg Mason Wood Walker responsible for managing over $140 million for several publicly traded technology firms. Todd’s career in the financial services industry began in 1994 when we was employed by Merrill Lynch as a Registered Representative where he specialized in helping individual investors achieve financial independence.

Todd serves on the Board of Directors for the John G. Schoenberger Scholarship Fund at the University of Maryland, which provides first generation college students with full and partial tuition awards. Todd has also served as the Executive Committee’s Treasurer for the University of Maryland’s Terrapin Club for consecutive three-year terms.

He is a frequent financial commentator for several national television and radio stations, including CNN, CNBC, BNN, Bloomberg News and Radio, FOX Business and News Channels; and has been a keynote speaker at West Point and the United States Naval Academy.